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Bank Drafts are popular for financial funding because they can be used for a variety of reasons. These bank drafts are typically used in global finance, trade finance, credit enhancement, and many other options. There are ways to get access to Bank Drafts, but you need access to an investor’s cash fund to be successful in your financial adventures.

A Leased Bank Draft offers an interesting offer where you are the temporary owner of someone else’s capital, for a fee. Through this process, you act as the owner of this fund and can use the funds as collateral to back your financial projects. At the end of the contract, the fund reverts to the owner, or the agreement can be extended.

Leased Bank Draft

We issue our Leased Bank Drafts through the World Top 100 European banks and use the SWIFT system for delivery. With this particular banking instrument, we use the MT110.

We Protect Our Client Deposits Fully Through 2 Levels of Protection

You never have to worry about your security with our two levels of protection:

  1. A Two Percent (2%) Non-Performance Penalty
  2. A Program to Refund Deposits (all our agreements are Bank Endorsed)
    • With our agreement with banks, that bank becomes responsible for payment when the transaction becomes complete.

This Refund Deposit  Program protects our clients and makes sure that the deposits are completely safe.

14 Advantages when Purchasing a Leased Bank Draft from Us!

  1. We operate with the Top 100 Banks of the World. 
  2. Only available in Euros. 
  3. Leasing rates as low as 18 for hard copy  and 20 percent for Swift MT110 delivery.  
  4. You have up to five days to complete the payment after delivery to your institution.
  5. The SWIFT MT110 or a copy of the bank draft with the buyer’s name is included.
  6. Everything you pay is protected.
  7. No credit checks, personal or corporate.
  8. You do not have to produce documents of your project.
  9. After the LOI is signed, it is returned within 24 hours.
  10. Easy delivery of the hard copy to the buyer or by SWIFT MT110.
  11. Brokers can receive a commission of up to 2.5%
  12. Bank drafts are specific due to the specifications of the client
  13. All agreements have a 2 % non-performance penalty.
  14. Rest assured because your deposit is 100% protected.


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